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What's For You?



The first thing people notice about Kingdom Harvest is how friendly people are. We're a loving family! And we care about you!


Our music is vibrant, uplifting and contemporary. Our Bible teaching is relevant and always positive. We support everyone in prayer and look for ways to practically demonstrate the love of Christ to those who have any need, just let us know how we can help!


Every Sunday is an opportunity to strengthened your walk with God and to grow in the knowledge of Christ’s love for you and your family! It’s a dedicated time to hear God’s Word, learn of His ways and to fully understand what the victory of Christ on the cross means to us today!


Every meeting offers the chance to meet others and form new friendships!


We have Life Groups which meet in the comfort of different homes during the week. This is where coffee, tea, the Bible and great company all meet together! There are different men’s and women’s groups. The youth also meet each week.


We have various other events planned during the month for you. These can include: Alpha courses, Healing Services, Revive Weekends, the Voice of Hope, Life Groups, special speakers… We want you to feel this is your Church home and a place where you can be blessed, make new friends and grow spiritually!


There's a brighter future for YOU at Kingdom Harvest!

Sincerely in His love,


Pastors Brian and Karen Ashworth

Kingdom Harvest Church

Join us Sundays - 11:00am - Albertbridge Rd, Belfast BT5 4JN.


We are across the road from Tim Hortons & Starbucks / Connswater Shopping Centre.


We are here for You! You're always welcome!

Kingdom Harvest Church was founded by Pastors Brian & Karen Ashworth. Our aim is to shine the light, life and healing power of Jesus Christ as intensely as possible to our needy generation until Jesus returns!