Winning Women
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Winning Women


Women Network led by Pastor Karen

Ladies have a special place in the heart of God! Even when Jesus walked the earth, He treated Women with a dignity and a respect which had been generally lost. He loved and ministered to women and instructed them in spiritual truth. He allowed ladies to follow Him and gladly received their worship. It is no wonder that He won their hearts then and to this present day.


If Jesus allowed women to minister to Him and support Him, then why should His Church not be supported by women in ministry.


To this end we have implemented life groups for women, where each person can find a place to grow in God and be trained in leadership if she so desires.


Women's Life Groups

We encourage each woman to join a life group, where she can be encouraged and supported each week.


Life groups meet in various locations over Belfast during the week. Each life group has a leader and a host. The groups meet in host homes and the meetings last for one hour followed by fellowship and a cuppa!!


During the meeting the leader shares a life changing word, needs are prayed for and each woman is encouraged.

Winning Women Events

Every so often all the life groups come together for a “girls get together”. These are special times when friends are invited and the ladies from the different groups can mingle. One such event is "Voice of Hope", a night full of music and where a couple of women are invited to share their story about how Jesus has transformed their lives.


Life Group Leaders

We have a growing team of life group leaders supporting the work of winning women. Our vision is to have a multitude of life groups and therefore more leaders are required."

Kingdom Harvest Church

Join us Sundays - 11:00am - Albertbridge Rd, Belfast BT5 4JN.


We are across the road from Tim Hortons & Starbucks / Connswater Shopping Centre.


We are here for You! You're always welcome!

Kingdom Harvest Church was founded by Pastors Brian & Karen Ashworth. Our aim is to shine the light, life and healing power of Jesus Christ as intensely as possible to our needy generation until Jesus returns!